Assistance Guidelines

While the A.E.D. Foundation reserves the right to fund or deny requests for any reason, we offer the following as guidelines for the giving preferences of our Foundation:

We do not pay for Detox, Inpatient Treatment or for Health Insurance Deductibles.

We will consider requests for assistance with entry into sober/supportive housing post treatment, transportation requests for outpatient treatment, items related to obtaining or maintaining employment for people in recovery, emergency assistance for people affected by a substance abuse crisis of a loved one and other requests that remove barriers to recovery and healthy living.

Preference will be given to requests made by residents of North Central Massachusetts and also to requests that will utilize vendors located in Massachusetts.

Under no circumstances do we provide monies directly to a requester, instead we will pay vendors or providers directly on behalf of the requester.

**Update 12/2/20 - Please note that we have expended all of our recovery assistance funds for 2020. While it pains us to say no to any recovering person in need of help, we are proud (with the support of generous sponsors and donors!) to have provided more support in 2020 than in any previous year. Applications for assistance will be accepted for consideration again beginning 1/1/21.**