The A.E.D. Foundation, Inc. was formed in the memory of Alyssa E. Dunn who lost her life to drug addiction on May 21, 2013, at the age of 20 years old. Alyssa’s life started like any “normal” life. Raised by two loving, dedicated, intelligent parents she seemed to have it all. Who would have ever thought this beautiful, petite, passionate, intelligent, fun girl would end up on the long, desperate and dangerous road of addiction? Who knew this disease would take over her life? After all, she just started off experimenting in her teen years like many others do. What she didn’t know was that addiction is a progressive disease. A disease that once it has a hold on you it is extremely difficult to break free. Alyssa, like many addicts, fought her disease for years. However, in the end, the disease won.

What We Do

Our Mission

In addition to the foundation bearing the initials of Alyssa Elizabeth Dunn, it also stands for Assist, Educate and Defeat. The A.E.D. Foundation, Inc. is committed to:
Assisting individuals on their road to their recovery as well as their families.
Educating the community by bringing awareness of the disease.
Defeating the stigma that is associated with drug addiction.


How We Can Help

The A.E.D. Foundation, Inc. provides assistance to people in an effort to remove barriers to long term recovery. Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply for assistance through our web site.



The A.E.D. Foundation, Inc. provides education and outreach in the North Central Massachusetts area by communicating with adults through community events and by working directly with young people in local High Schools though our Making Change support group for young people. Community events are held every month at Alyssa's Place: Peer Recovery and Resource Center which is operated by The A.E.D. Foundation, Inc.

People In Recovery....Share Their God Given Talents



Addiction is an equal opportunity disease. It ignores class, status, color, geography and finds it's way into nearly every family. The shame and isolation that affects addicts and their families, only serves to increase the damage. Addiction is a chronic illness, not a moral failing or choice. The sooner we defeat the stigma of addiction, the sooner we make progress in treating and preventing the disease itself. The A.E.D. Foundation, Inc. works tirelessly to highlight the successes of people in recovery and their families to bring hope to those who are still suffering.

To further this effort, The A.E.D. Foundation has partnered with Photography by Veronika Patty to create Project Redemption. The slideshow above highlights some of the examples of our work to put a face on recovery.

Who We Are

The A.E.D. Foundation Inc. Board of Directors

Michelle Dunn, President

David Dunn, Vice-President

Shawn Hayden, LADC-II, Treasurer

Cindy Guercio, Secretary

Melinda Adams

Susan Avalone, MSN, BSN, RN, NCSN

Dr. Katherine Fitzgerald, DO

Paula Maillet

Chief Richard Braks

How You Can Help

The A.E.D. Foundation provides all of our services free of charge, this includes all recovery assistance, community education initiatives and the operation of Alyssa's Place: Peer Recovery and Resource Center. We receive no government funding and are governed by a 100% volunteer Board of Directors. We rely solely on the generosity of private donors, sponsors and grant funding through private foundations. If you would like to help us battle the opioid crisis, please consider making a donation to our effort. Every dollar helps!

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